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CompAir South Africa Products

Introducing the revolutionary new generation Pneumatic Rockdrill from CompAir South Africa

Rock Drills from CompAir South Africa

The new BORA pneumatic underground rockdrill from CompAir is a massive revolutionary step forward in both design and performance. Not only is it generally the best performing on the market, but it is now the lightest and easily the quietest.

At 103dB, the BORA exceeds all regulations by utilising a completely new ‘Encapsulation Muffler’ (patent pending), which can also be retro-fitted to our old drilling systems with a minimum of cost.

Features Advantages & Benefits

Bora Rock Drills from CompAirBora Drill Schematic

Weight advantage
arrow 10% lighter than previous model
arrow As light as competitor models

Lower decibel level
arrow Only 103 dB
arrow Less exposure to noise pollution

Ultimate performance
arrow 15% better than our competitors
arrow Under 5 minutes per 1 metre rockface
arrow 15% more blows per minute
arrow 10% more revolutions per minute
arrow Higher torque

Maximised performance
arrow Anti-freezing efficiency
• Longer drilling uptime per shift
• Will not ice or freeze under normal conditions
arrow Hardened cast steel components
• Longer life
• Strengthened interior components eliminates damages
to drill and reduces potential loss of production

arrow Environmentally friendly
• Less oil contamination
• Less noise pollution

arrow Encapsulation muffler
• Retains the drill lubrication oil
• Facilitates ease of oil disposal
• Less oil contamination into the environment

arrow Cylinder ports and passages
• Simplified maintenance
• Fewer ports
• Shorter service times

103dB - less noise